Shiny Smile Dental - A Guide to Dental Sealants for Children

Tooth decay is a general chronic childhood disease which can affect the overall dental health of a child. Decay is general problem caused due to unhealthy eating habits. When we eat, the sugary food intake leaves the sugar components which when react with the mouth’s bacteria may create acid. This acid can further affect tooth enamel. It is because of this reason tooth getting open for issues such as cavities or decay.

If not treated at the right time, the problem may further exceed creating permanent and lifetime dental problems. In such cases, dental sealants can be an effective solution for such issues. These are thin, plastic protective coatings which are placed over teeth to make it function properly.

Dental sealants contain safe levels of BPA

Plastic generally has a presence of some amount of BPA in it and many fears that as sealant is a plastic product, it may have BPA or Bisphenol A which can be harmful to teeth. This is not true because it contains a very small amount of BPA which may not affect teeth.

Dental sealants are recommended for children ages 5 to 14

Sealants are a chosen treatment in children from 5 to 14 years of age because they are more prone to issues like cavities and damage. When sealants are applied for molars at right age, issues like decay can be avoided. After this a child may need sealant further when set of permanent teeth comes.

Dental sealants are a covered benefit

Sealants are dental solutions that bring in preventive benefits. These covered benefits include same level of benefits of cleaning or dental examination. This plan covers preventive services as well which are 100%.

Dental sealants are affordable

Even when sealants come with some sorts of cost attached to it but in terms of preventive benefits, it offers the cost that is nothing out of your pocket. The estimated cost of sealants may vary from child to child and as per their specific needs.

To know the exact sealants cost visiting the dental clinic is a good choice.

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