Root Canals in Houston, TX

Root canals can sound scary in theory to many people. That’s because people seem to think it’s the ultimate procedure to avoid when that’s not the case. Root canals are meant to save diseased or damaged teeth and make them healthy and pain-free once more. Shiny Smile Dental provides excellent root canal procedures for our patients.

Teeth are made up of a few parts; they are not just bones like most belief. Instead, they have a coating of white enamel over a harder layer called dentin. Beneath that is the pulpy tissue that holds nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. That’s the part of the tooth that hurts. Teeth can survive without the pulp inside once they are fully grown because the tissue around it can keep it healthy and happy.

Root canal treatment is not as terrifying and complicated as modern media presents it. In fact, root canals can be done in one or two procedures as easily as a tooth filling. Root canals can be painless and help your teeth. They’ll feel normal in no time.

When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed then that is when a root canal procedure may be needed. This can be because of a cracked or chipped tooth, cavities or fillings, or any other injuries to the tooth. If bacteria gets in, then there is a chance of infection.

Removing a tooth might seem like an easier option for many. If the tooth is gone then it can’t hurt anymore. That isn’t the case. If you remove a tooth, then the others in the mouth might shift and make it hard to do normal things like chewing or biting. They can also be harder to clean which can lead to gum disease.

For a root canal dentist near you, the procedure is simple. Your tooth is numbed and covered in a rubber dam to keep dry. The pulp of the tooth is removed from the entire tooth, root, and canal and then cleaned and disinfected. Then the tooth is filled with a rubber type seal. There will be a temporary filling to keep it from being infected while it heals and then it will be replaced with a crown.

Root canals near you are painless and quick at Shiny Smile Dental. Visit us from Katy, Sugar Land, Alief, Barker, Bellaire, Missouri City, Stafford, Fulshear, or Richmond, TX.

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