How to Handle A Dental Emergency?

Most dental problems are considered emergencies but some can wait a few days. The very first thing to do in case of an emergency is to contact your dentist. In this article, we will discuss what a dental emergency is and what is not. We will also discuss how to handle some of the common emergencies.

What Can Be Considered a Dental Emergency?

Let’s have a look at what is considered a dental emergency.


Depending on the severity of the pain, a toothache can be considered an emergency. If the pain is too severe even after taking a few painkillers, contact your dentist ASAP. But if the pain reduces after taking a few painkillers, maybe you can wait for the next day.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

If the tooth is just slightly chipped maybe you don’t have to see the dentist right away. But if it is seriously chipped or it is broken, you need to visit the dentist as soon as possible. We will discuss how to handle such an emergency in a short while.

Extruded Tooth

Another dental problem that requires you to see the dentist ASAP.

Knocked-out Teeth

The worst emergency to be caught up in. Unfortunately, it happens and it can happen to anyone. If you act fast and do it right, the tooth can be saved.

What is Not an Emergency?

Well, there are some problems you can handle from home without having to visit your dentist. Some of them include:

Objects Caught Between Your Teeth

Objects get caught between teeth from time to time but how you handle the problem can help or worsen the situation. In most cases, you will not have to see a dentist for that.

Just floss your teeth and in most cases, the object will be removed. If it’s still stuck, maybe you can visit your dentist the next day. Never attempt to remove the object with sharp objects! You might end up hurting your gum or worse.

Lost Crown

If your dental crown falls off you don’t need to trouble your dentist. Apply some olive oil around the painful area using a cotton swab. Then use dental cement or toothpaste to try put the crown into its position. If you can’t do it, put your crown at a safe pace and visit your dentist the next day. Never use super glue to put the crown back!

Broken Wire or Brace

If a wire sticks out of the bracket you don’t have to call your dentist right away. Try to put it back to the original position using the rubber side of a pencil. If you can’t do it, cover the place with orthodontic wax or a piece of gauze. Never cut the wire!

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

In case you suffer from a dental emergency, there are ways to handle it. Let’s look at what you should do if you have a knocked-out tooth.

Knocked-out Tooth

  • Act fast and try to save your tooth by following the following tips:
  • Pick the tooth by the crown and don’t touch the roots.
  • Rinse the tooth carefully in the sink until it is well-cleaned
  • Try to put the tooth back to the socket. If you can’t, put it inside a cup with some milk or water with some salt in it.
  • Visit a dentist near you as soon as possible. The earlier you arrive, the better the chances of saving the tooth.

Some people may advise you to apply painkillers on your gums claiming it will help alleviate pain. Never do that! It will only worsen the situation and can cause serious damage to your gums.

Tooth Out Of Alignment

A loose tooth or one out of alignment can be handled the same way. Contact your dentist first before anything else. On your way, try getting the tooth to its original position by applying gentle pressure on it.

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